Medipharma Cosmetics wirbt mit vielen Produkten im TV. Einigen davon leihe auch ich meine Stimme. Aktuell hört Ihr von mir den Wimpern Booster und den Hyaluron Booster Dékolleté.

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Female German Speaker and Voice Artist

Giving words meaning, power, intensity and empathy is the special art of speaking.
An interesting voice alone is not enough, you have to understand the text, get into
and play with it. The real challenge lies in the interpretation in order to deliver a
convincing and conclusive recording.

In 2002 I started working as a freelance voice artist. Since then I have spoken for
many projects: radio spots, tv documentaries, voiceover, commercials, industrial image, e-learning and educational texts, manuals, dubbing, phone prompts, internet tv, etc.

Have a listen to „Hörbeispiele“ or „Aktuelles“, there you can find many examples of
my work.

"A human being is communicating on many levels and sometimes even speaks."

Ray L. Birdwhistell

Professional Audio Recording